Linux Academy partners with Chef!

We’ve Partnered with Chef!

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Chef to provide high-quality, in-depth training to those of you interested in becoming Certified Chef Developers!

If you visit, you can get started on the Basic Chef Fluency Course, which will provide a hands-on experience for managing Chef. It will prepare you for the Basic Chef Fluency Badge exam – you’ll even get a coupon code for the exam! If that’s not enough Chef content for you, we’ve also got a Local Cookbook Development course with an anticipated release date of March 2017.

For more information, see Chef’s blog post here.

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Chef: Hosted v. Private

Chef, the infrastructure automation platform, provides users with the ability to manage their server fleet no matter what the size. Offered both as an open source tool and as an enterprise edition, Chef’s primary Chef server — the master server from which users can work to create cookbooks — is available both as a hosted offering and as a tool available for download and configuration on your own servers.

It is the Chef server itself that can be privately- or Chef-hosted. Nodes will always be maintained on the user or company’s own infrastructure — whatever that infrastructure may be. The Chef server is what hosts cookbooks, roles, and node definitions.

But what are the overall differences between the two ways to manage the Chef server? (more…)