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The State of the Cloud

At Linux Academy, we love hearing the stories of success from our students and want to educate them not only on the tools behind Linux and cloud platforms, but the state of the cloud as it was and is today. The cloud market, as we see it today, is one of the fastest growing and most exciting sectors in our modern economy. Before we get into the factors driving this explosive growth, we want to look at the market, some of its largest organizations and the current trends that help explain why the cloud market is currently growing at a rate 5x faster than the rest of the IT industry.

The biggest players in this market are AWS, Azure, IBM and Google. These four key companies currently control 51% of the market share and are currently averaging an astounding 88% growth year to year. To put that into context, let’s look at both AWS and the rest of Amazon. If the entirety of Amazon grew as fast as AWS, Amazon, who is on track to sell around $125 billion this year, would theoretically have to sell over $235 billion worth of merchandise next year. That is simply unprecedented growth for any economic sector, even the IT industry. Furthermore, the total cloud market, including SaaS, IaaS and PaaS sectors, in 2016, is worth around $208 billion and is currently growing at 18% annually. (more…)