Google Container Engine

So here we are; we launched a new course at Linux Academy called Google Container Engine! If you’ve worked with AWS before, then you know that containers can function very similarly to EC2 instances; however, this is not the case with Google’s cloud. Instead, you get a stack of servers called a container cluster which are cloud instances that run Kubernetes.

The course covers these various features:

  • An introduction to the Google Container Engine that explains various features for container clusters such as autoscaling, hosting a multizone configuration, and how to use Kubernetes alpha features.
  • An overview of the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  • A look at managing container clusters through the CLI and Console and how to use container cluster features.
  • How to use the Google Container Registry as an alternative to using Docker Hub for creating your own private registry.
  • Learn how to use Kubernetes to create a pod and service using the Hexo blog.
  • Create a microservice with persistent disks using MySQL and Ghost, another blogging platform.
  • How to use the Kubernetes Dashboard with your container cluster.