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HTML5 Mobile Game Development for Beginners

I’m sure many of you have some crazy or not so crazy video game ideas in your head.


How To Use jQuery Mobile Panels

jQuery Mobile 1.3 has a great new feature called panels.


8 Tuts To Teach You Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is awesome because it allows a web designer to design for any screen size including, but not limited to, mobile, tablet, TV, computer and the 400 different tablet/mobile screen sizes.


jQuery Mobile For Newbies Interactive Webinar Saturday August 18th is hosting a jQuery Mobile For Newbies seminar on August 18, 2012, 10am central time.


Understanding How PhoneGap & Appcelerator Apps Communicate With A Web Server

There is a rather large difference between a jQuery Mobile (or HTML5, appMobi, sencha etc) web app and using those same technologies in PhoneGap to create a native app.


Introduction To PhoneGap + IOS

PhoneGap is a wrapper type application that allows you to package HTML5/CSS3 Web Apps inside of a native app.


Tip: Apple Airplay And HTML5 Video Tag

HTML5 has been evolving super fast.


jQuery Mobile Development Guide

jQuery Mobile has rocked the web with an easy way of quickly developing mobile applications.

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The Possibilities and Restrictions of Responsive Web Design: Responsive Data Tables

As you may have read, I’m a student Interactive Multimedia Design at the college of Mechelen.