Web Development

The Possibilities and Restrictions of Responsive Web Design

I would like you to join me on my journey to discover the possibilities and restriction of responsive web design.

jQuery Mobile

What Is jQuery Mobile?

jQuery Mobile is a software framework that allows you to create HTML5 and JavaScript based web applications with little need for software development experience.

jQuery Mobile

Create A Split Or Tablet View With jQuery Mobile And Media Queries

How do you make a split view in jQuery Mobile, much like the jQuery Mobile docs?

jQuery Mobile

Hack: Creating A Tablet Split View For jQuery Mobile

We are calling this screencast a hack because jQuery Mobile doesn’t have its own method to create a split view.


Create An Add To Home Screen Popup For HTML5 Or jQuery Mobile

Ever see those neat little “Click here to add this web app to your home screen” popups while visiting places like YouTube?

jQuery Mobile

Create A jQuery Mobile WordPress RSS Reader For Your Site

In this screencast we will walk you through using Yahoo Query Language (YQL) in order to pull your WordPress RSS feed and parse it into a jQueryMobile web app.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile Forms Part 2

This screencast is the second part of our jQuery Mobile forms example.