Linux Academy’s New Look

Now more stylishly dressed... just for you!

While we’ve been adding a lot of amazing features to our website for students, we did not want to forget about those still looking in from the outside — our potential users! So we redid our external website.

The new style makes it easy for potential users to search through our feature-rich platform, for both users and teams. Learn about what exactly a Live! Lab entails or how, as a team leader, you can set up training for your employees to walk them through the path to success.

The new design also highlights the courses and content like never before, so you can conveniently search through all our offered content before joining, including new instructor bios, so you can feel more secure knowing you are being taught by passionate industry professionals.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out!


Multiple Ways To Learn Linux

Over the past few months, we here at Pinehead have been working hard to develop ways to teach Linux to newbies and novices alike. It’s a very taxing job and it takes a lot of time. At the time this post was written the Linux Academy had 54 available lessons that teach you Linux. This isn’t just “how to restart services” lessons. These lessons are in-depth and teach you the core concepts from basic file management and beyond. Several of our users are using it to help study for the LPI examination to become Linux certified and several others are using it to learn how to run their own web servers. I won’t lie; REALLY learning Linux is hard. Sure, it’s easy enough to learn basic commands and use the GUI provided by some distributions, but to really learn and understand Linux takes time and dedication. Many people aren’t ready for the challenge or aren’t interested enough.

Perhaps you’ve seen Tech Crunch’s Need A Job? Learn Linux article. Or maybe you’ve checked out’s service and saw that the average Linux Administrator job pays $70,000/year.