Debugging With an Android Hardware Device

Hi again Android programmers!  I can call you that now since you have completed our first tutorial right?  In our first tutorial I picked you up off the bare floor, dusted you off a bit, and gave you to tools necessary to embark on our journey.  We installed the Android SDK, setup the virtual machine, and wrote our first Android app.

This time we are going to slow things down just a tad a focus on just one thing.  We are going to break out of the confines and slowness of the emulator and bring that app into reality.  And by that I mean running and debugging your applications on your own phone or tablet!  How else are you going to show off what you have done?  “Hey guys, come and look and what I made on my computer.”  WRONG!  That’s NOT how we do it.  You have to put it in their face!

You don’t have an app to show off?  You didn’t complete the first tutorial did you?  You don’t have an Android device?  Why don’t you take this coloring book and sit in the corner?.  The rest of us can get started.



Introduction To Appcelerator Titanium

The first screencast in a large series of Appcelerator. Learn how to develop inside of Appcelerator titanium to build cross platform mobile applications. You will learn how to build for IOS, Android and eventually the blackberry. We will be using Titanium Studio the IDE from Appcelerator to develop JavaScript for our cross platform mobile applications