AWS Lambda Deep Dive Quizzes

As some of you may have noticed, we recently released theĀ AWS Lambda Deep Dive course. In this course, we delve into the world of serverless architecture and focus on code instead of infrastructure.

Following the Linux Academy philosophy of learning, the course includes hands-on lectures, downloadable real-world use cases, andLive! Labs.

This course also includes quizzes. Quiz questions break down important concepts to know when it comes to Lambda and tests your understanding of these concepts. Quizzes, when bundled with other methods, are an excellent way to find weak points in your study. Instead of waiting until you go through the entire course before being tested on the material, we’ve included quiz questions at the end of each section. That way, after completing a section, you can see if there are any concepts or topics that you did not quite understand; and if that is the case, you can go back through the relevant videos until it clicks. Of course, if it still doesn’t make sense after that, you can always ask in the community or contact instructors.

How Do Quizzes Work?

If you’ve never taken a quiz on Linux Academy’s engine, you may be wondering what it is like.

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