Managing your pictures in Ubuntu

Ah, the holidays.  For me, the holidays are about getting stuff: getting fat, getting happy and getting lots of good pictures of your adorable nieces and nephews to embarrass them with when they become teenagers.  But now that you’re on Ubuntu, what program should you use to manage the evidence pictures?    Well, here is my review of some of the more popular (and free!) offerings available to Ubuntu users.


Review: iPhone App TweetBot Impresses

Well, on twitter I posted about liking the new TweetBot iPhone app. I’m actually surprised by the several responses I received asking me why? So thanks to a nudge from @Femme_mal, I’ve decided to write a review of the app!

In summary, I like the app because of its UI and UX. I like how it gives you more detailed information about users, gives you simple access to tweet functions, and discovery of a user’s tweets, lists, replies, and more.