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116 Hands-on Labs and Counting

Learning skills which can be used in the real world requires more than simply watching videos — it also requires practicing hands-on. That’s why we built advanced Live! Labs. Live! Labs are actual labs you can log in to and:

  • Practice specific and real-world scenarios (troubleshooting, architecting and more)
  • Play around in sandbox environments to get familiar with tools and services

As of today (10/31/16), we already have 116 of these labs across multiple topics — AWS, Azure, DevOpsGoogle Cloud PlatformLinux, Red Hat and OpenStack — and we’re working hard to launch far more labs in the coming months and in 2017. Not only because we wholeheartedly believe in hands-on training, but also because our students have told us they want more and we love providing our customers with more value!

We’re extremely excited to launch more labs in our existing lab categories and to launch labs in other sections we currently teach, such as DevOps tools and methodologies, Azure and Big Data.

Over time, we’ve had questions about these labs. This post is here to answer common questions — but if you have anymore questions not answered here, please post them in the comments below and we’ll be glad to answer them! (more…)