Amazon S3 Versioning: What, How, Why

How can you protect important assets and data when using Amazon S3? A feature called versioning works as an excellent answer to this question.

By default when you upload an object to S3, that object is redundantly stored to provide 99.999999999% durability. This means that for 10,000 objects stored on S3, you can expect the loss of a single object once very 10,000,000 years (on average). Those are some pretty good odds, so why do we even need to answer this question? Because while the underlying infrastructure powering S3 provides serious durability, it does not protect you from overwriting your objects or even deleting those objects. Or does it? Not by default, but it does if we enable versioning. (more…)

Version Control and Git

Version control allows for projects to branch out.

What is Version Control?

Imagine you and your team are working on a project. Think of how many ways a project changes from one iteration to the next: From self-imposed changes to requests from other departments to managerial editing there is never really just one version of a project. (more…)