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What is Big Data?: The Three Vs

Data is powerful: Used right, companies, scientists, research institutions, or even the average person can make informed choices based on data discoveries. With enough information parsed through the right tools, medical professionals can track trends in the spread of illnesses, companies can predict customer needs and wants, or environmental scientists can discover new correlations between human actions and environmental effects — the possibilities may well be endless.

However, to achieve these goals, the data sets processed need to contain a vast amount of data — not just terabytes of information, but peta- or exabytes; the sort of data that is usually too unwieldy for traditional relational databases and data processing systems to handle.

It is just not a matter of databases, either: When handling massive amounts of information, concerns are not limited to the storage of it but also its analysis, visualization, searching, sharing, and more. These issues are condensed into the “Three Vs” of managing big data: Volume, velocity, and variety. (more…)

What are Containers?

Scalability, high availability, containers, fault tolerance and eventual consistency. Tech terms can be confusing to those new to server administration or development. In the coming weeks, we’ll be breaking down common — yet potentially confusing — terms you will undoubtedly come across in your learning journey.

containersWith the advent of platforms such as Docker, containers are an oft-spoken term in system administration and programming. But what are containers? At a base level, someone new to containers might understand they “contain” an application, but how does it work? What are the benefits and use-cases? (more…)