What a simple question. My personal answer is: it’s whatever I feel like rocking out to at the time I start (Usually Metallica or AC/DC). So, in order to determine the most popular genre of coding music I set out onto the @pineheadtv twitter account and asked there. I’m actually somewhat amazed at the universal response that was received. If you were one of those who posted back, you’re sure to find your post below and THANK YOU for contributing.

If you must know the answer now it’s Metal, Punk, and Rock. Let’s look at the responses, oh, and a lot of responses included video links!

@pineheadtv metal 🙂

This: youtu.be/kq6HRE0wtYI #metal #malmsteen // RT @pineheadtv: Favorite coding music?

@pineheadtv m DEATHMETAL m/

Combination of Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Soundgarden/Bush/Beck, a nice grungy mix. Rather something calmer for testing, tho’.

Folk metal or heavy metal. Rock is fine too 🙂

Heavy metal.

TRON soundtrack by Daft Punk

“Fucking hostile”(Pantera) use to boost me up a lot. Other songs from Pantera, Slayer, Sepultura and Metallica do the same.

I second that! RT @aknosis: @pineheadtv TRON soundtrack by Daft Punk

I like to code to Breathe Carolina (the artist) and Daughtry and Lifehouse. Weird, I know.

These are one of my favorite: Stratovarius – Father Time youtu.be/bxegqv87JhA // Myrath – Hope youtu.be/mJE7pVpJ4lA

I like to listen to Time from Hans Zimmer while writing my codes

Testament – The Gathering


. That’s my recent musical motivation.

an individual song, Skrillex – First of the year (equinox) .

an individual song, Skrillex – First of the year (equinox) .

Through the shadows; Amorphis – House of sleep; Acest – Autre monde; Austere – Just for a moment

chill house

This is currently my favorite song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_rVQiywVw0

Addicted – Amy Winehouse

Ensiferum – Smoking Ruins, Gamma Ray – Send Me A Sign, Finntroll – Fiskarens Fiende, Persuader – Turn To Dust

Machinehead-Bush (for really crunching), Black Hole Sun-Soundgarden, Heart-shaped Box-Nirvana, Black-Pearl Jam (for wrap-up)

At the end of the day, your favorite music is whatever motivates you to rock out some code. However, thanks to the Pinehead community on Twitter now you have some more ideas to help you along. Happy Coding!

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  1. Ihearpixels says:

    very nice article. metal m/

  2. Dan says:

    Love the T-shirt!

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