Are you an avid techie who loves to write and find great content? Do you enjoy what has to offer and want to be part of the team? Well then, write for us! We are looking for a few great writers. You don’t have to be a software developer or uber Linux guru to write for pinehead. All you really need to do is find great resources and love writing about those resources. Below are a few types of people we are looking for.

Curated Content Topics

Web Development Resources
Find great web development resources and write “top 5 frameworks” and other such posts.

Linux Content
Love Linux? Scour the internet and find great Linux apps, desktops, themes, or how-to’s and write about them for us.

Love teaching? Write some how-to’s and help change people’s lives.’s mauntra is “Fighting for smarter newbies,” and we are looking for people who can explain concepts in great detail.

These posts are paid per article, and we have strict guidelines. But if you are interested in writing then Contact Anthony.